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Have questions about Infinity Downline? ..such as,

What is Infinity Downline?
Is Infinity Downline a Scam? ..is ID legitimate?
Is Infinity Downline one of those pyramid schemes?
How do others feel about Infinity Downline?

All of these questions and more will be answered, as well as any other questions you may have that pertain to infinity downline and whether ID is right for you.

Look More In-Depth at Infinity Downline

microscopeHello and allow me to Welcome you to the Infinity Downline Report wesiteite.  My name is Blaine Hans and it is an absolute pleasure to have you visit.. I know you will find what you are looking for (even if you didn’t know you were looking).  It is my full intention to provide you with an absolute truthful and no-hype review of Infinity Downline so that when you are through you will know whether this is the right business for you.

Not only the company itself, but the entire opportunity, should be reviewed as to what you are being provided (and in my opinion blessed) with.. your benefits.  It is crucial for your business to know that you are joining a team that will provide you with the training to succeed with your efforts to build a successful business from home with Infinity Downline.

I need to quickly get this off my chest.. it makes me sick to my stomach all the lies, hype and false claims and promises across the internet.  If you have been in the industry any amount of time at all, then I believe that it’s safe to assume, you are too.  I’ve been tricked and scammed and misled as well over the years.. not fun.  Especially when you are just looking for a way to build a successful business and one with integrity.  I created the Infinity Downline report website for YOU.. so you can avoid this early in your quest and make an informed decision and start building your successful Infinity Downline business today.

Now, let’s dive into ID!
..this first video will  start things out right and begin to get you up to speed with things quickly…

Well there you have it straight from the creator himself.. Peter Wolfing.. Awesome guy! ..truly out to HELP you build a successful, lucrative business from home with Infinity Downline.

Do You Want to Start Your Soon-to-Be BOOMING Infinity Downline Business Off RIGHT?! I want you to as well :)
Over the years I’ve grown to understand what is important to look for in this industry and with opportunities but, if you’re someone who has yet to know met, I will leave it up to you by asking..

..Don’t you think it is important to position yourself not only with the right company but, a successful upline and a sponsor that you know will stick around to be there for guidance? ..and will provide you with EXCLUSIVE TEAM TRAINING, that if APPLIED, the suggestions, methods and strategies will help ANYONE build a SUCCESSFUL Infinity Downline business (or with ANY business, for that matter)?

I don’t know about you, but I DO! Throughout my years I’ve come to realize how important positioning, training and great help and guidance is.. with someone that you know will be there, has a great PASSION for helping people succeed, and running a growing business with integrity.. and also has experience in the industry… This can make all the difference.

So with that said, this is what I did for YOU.. I want to build the next largest team within Infinity Downline and I want you to be there growing just as large, just as fast.  I’ve positioned myself from the start with the best training site that a team has to offer, from an incredibly successful Infinity Downline business partner of mine.  He has given me permission to extend the right of this INCREDIBLE and EXCLUSIVE training site, to everyone that joins my team.

SHHHH! ..my business partner might get upset if he knew I was even sneaking you a peek of some of training topics that are extensively and conveniently covered for you.. step-by-step!
Here is a sneak peek pic to give you an idea of some of the topics of training you will receive: 


I will be regularly adding tips, strategies and training’s… this means that coming in you will not only have the BEST training, but MORE training than one could expect to begin your Infinity Downline business out right.  This very thorough step-by-step  training walks you through, holding your hand with the most successful offline and online marketing strategies.  There is too much to go into about ALL the training right here, right now..   

Now, Up to THIS Point, I Would Assume You Have a Somewhat Good Perspective of What Infinity Downline Is…

..But What About Blaine Hans? ..You May Be Asking, “Why Should I Be Listening to This Blaine Fellow?”

fam pro pic editedIf you’re meeting me for the first time, then you may look at me and wonder.. “who is this tattooed guy claiming to want to help me succeed with my business?”

What can I say, when I’ve got a great passion for something I have just that.. a GREAT PASSION.  I love ink! I hope you do too.  I have this same passion for my business.  Those that know me know my passion and dedication for success and greatness in everything that I do.

Working with me you will soon find out that I’m a very honest and sincere guy, who understands that in order to flourish and succeed in this industry, you must truly want and be there to help others do the same.

I’ve been within the entrepreneurial, work-from-home, online marketing / offline marketing industry now for about 4 years. I came in fresh as a blade of grass and struggled like most do for the majority of that time.  Luckily, unlike most, I stuck around.  I have been focusing on the internet marketing and coaching niche for the past several months.  I’ve now positioned myself with the fastest growing team, the best training and one of the TOP leaders within Infinity Downline.

Beyond my preexisting training, my business partner (bringing in over 5 figures a month), is working with me to do the same.  The same training, strategies and tactics are those which you will learn as well.  I’m working quickly to fire my boss, have my wife do the same.  Are you tired of your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)? Would you like to FIRE YOUR BOSS? My business is to help YOU do just that!

So YES! ..you can work a job and build a business with Infinity Downline at the same time… I’m doing it now!

Joining with me will ensure that you learn how to market your Infinity Downline business effectively and successfully… and to make it as easy as possible with this already incredibly simple to market opportunity.

With Infinity Downline, myself as your ID coach, and our proven step-by-step training, there is no need to consume the pages with hype…  I strongly believe in transparency.  I will be the first to tell you that starting a business from home takes work.  Myself and the amazing training will help give you an incredible head start.  I will work with you to help you make the strategies as fast and effective as possible.

If up to this point, you already have a good understanding of the industry itself and can see a wonderful opportunity when it is smack dab in your face, go ahead and cut to the chase and start learning how you can increase your income significantly with Infinity DownlineYou Can Start Today! Call me or send me an email, I would be more than happy to answer any questions may you have.

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Cell Phone: (304) 860-8604
Email: BlaineHans@gmail.com

Tell Me Blaine, What Makes Infinity Downline So Great?

Why, with the perspective you have gained throughout the years, have you finally decided to partner, focus on, and grow a successful team with Infinity Downline? ..over the endless wilderness of opportunities?!

question markThere are plenty of shiny, loud, and appealing-at-first-glance business opportunities that appear wonderful on the surface… you may ask why I chose Infinity Downline to jump in and start exploding a business with.  Well.. I summed that up with the beginning of this paragraph.  Most are very shiny and appear great to the eye and ear, though when you end up joining you are left in the dust with a business and not the slightest idea of what to do and where to go from there.

Most that claim amazing training and the guidance to help you put it together and make it work, throw that out there like it is just something that sounds good… like it’s becoming the thing to say.  Though with the failure rate in this industry somewhere in the range of 95%-97%, the numbers beg to differ.  Here you will receive raw, to-the-point, step-by-step training and guidance from someone who will actually be there to help guide you.  Both priceless and hard to come by in this industry.

Let me cut to the chase now and tell you a few of the many reasons why, after extensive research into the company, I chose to partner and build a successful business with Infinity Downline (in addition to my education, coaching and training company).  I speak and network with many great business people daily, as well as those that would like to start a business from home, but can’t afford the costs.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my other business and is one of the many aspects which will help me help you build a successful business from home.  Though, there are many wonderful people that I speak to, every day, that want to cut through the hype and shiny promises and genuinely want to build a true, redsidual home based business.

This being said, I’ve come to find that with the majority, now a days, they just don’t have the money for these high-end, costly memberships.  I’m speaking of those that know anything great takes some work… and are willing to build and create there dream and achieve their goals.  Infinity Downline is for YOU!

computer money flowing outI am doing this for those that I have spoke to and will speak to in the future, that genuinely want to build a duplicatable, sustainable and successful business from home.  Infinity Downline is a easy to promote, straight forward and a lucrative, residual business opportunity.  It’s extremely affordable, at only $25 a month.  It pays out 100% Commissions and your membership is payed for after your first person joinsWHAT? Yes, you heard that right! ..$25, 100% Commissions, and your membership is paid for after your first signup.

I understand and completely respect you wanting to be as thorough as possible in your quest to find a legitimate and lucrative business that will change your life completely… so, if you are not by now, ready to make a decision to change your life today with Infinity Downline, there will be further info throughout this site that will shed light on any aspect of this opportunity you need in order to make a solid, informed decision as to whether Infinity Downline is right for you.  The value you will receive for a mere $25 with Infinity Downline is more than you will receive in comparison to most any other companies for double, triple, even quadruple or more the cost.

Feel free to join now or continue to learn and educate yourself as much as you need.. but don’t let too much time pass before making a decision, you want to be building your Infinity Downline business and making money as fast as possible! There is only so much you can learn before it the only step left is to DO.

So… if you are a Doer, and are ready to take action to accomplish in in life what you intend and are ready to make the money and create the future that you and your family deserve.. Click the “Join Now” image below, give me a call or send me an email and it will be my pleasure to answer any questions you have and get you started building the successful business I know you are already envisioning.

With Infinity Downline:
It’s Possible, You Deserve It, Now Make it Happen!

Change Your Life and Take Action Now!

Many Blessings to You, Your Family & ALL that You Intend,








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PS. If you are familiar with the industry then you already know, but if you are fairly new, I’ll be honest with you… This opportunity sells itself.. hands down.


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